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Tavlit Manifold Swivel Fittings – 25mm


Tavlit offers arrange of male and female threaded manifolds with swivel fittings. These manifolds enable the user to assemble batteries of filters and valves easily and quickly.

Details Code Price Quantity  
Nipple w ‘O’ Ring MxM – 25mm NIOR25 $3.09
Swivel Adaptor FxM – 25mm SFAD25 $4.61
Swivel Elbow FxM – 25mm SFEL25MF $4.80
Swivel Elbow FxF – 25mm SFEL25 $6.93
Swivel Tee FxFxM – 25mm SFTE25 $7.23
Swivel Cross FxMxFxF – 25mm SFCR25MF $11.57
Swivel Cross FxFxFxF – 25mm SFCR25 $14.17
2 Outlet Swivel Manifold – 25mm SFMA25-2 $11.34
3 Outlet Swivel Manifold – 25mm SFMA25-3 $17.06
4 Outlet Swivel Manifold – 25mm SFMA25-4 $25.29
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  • Supplied with EPDM O- rings for high resistance to chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Saves time – quick and assembly by hand, no tools are required.
  • Speed up installation and simplifies maintenance.
  • No teflon required for sealing.
  • Made with Reliability, Long life and durability in mind.
  • Designed for increased strength to resist rough handling and misuse with installation tools.
  • Manufactured from new engineering raw materials for increased rigidity and flexibility.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Working pressure: 10 bar (140 psi).
  • Available Sizes: 25 mm (1").
  • Thread: BSP
  • Swivel Manifolds:
    • Available with 2 to 5 outlets.
    • Available inlet/outlets: 25 mm (1").
  • Materials:
    • Body: Glass Reinforced: P.P.
    • Nut: Glass reinforced P.P.
    • O – ring EPDM.


Tavlit manifold swivel fittings enable quick, Teflon free and easy installation of water and irrigation systems. As the first to introduce the swivel fittings system to the market in 1990, we remained committed to enhance its use by constantly widening the product range, offering more products and complete solutions to the irrigation market. Our Swivel fitting are supplied with EPDM orings offering high resistance to chemicals and fertilizers.