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Avocado Irrigation Guide

January 21, 2021

Avocado Irrigation Guide The following case study is to show you how the avocado irrigation system can be easily set up. This would suit any avocado installation. Below is the example of a new planting of an avocado tree with a wind shelter at 1m x 1m SuperNet Sprinkler Netafim SuperNets are the most common […]

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Landscape Design – Popup Sprinklers

December 10, 2020

Landscape Design – Pop Up Sprinklers Below is a Landscape Irrigation system that we designed for a customer. This can hopefully give you a good understanding of how to design an irrigation sprinkler system for your lawn. The Plan Originally Todd emailed our team explaining that he had a new build going up and needed […]

Horse arena irrigation design page hero image

Horse Arena Guide

July 12, 2019

Horse Arena Systems Dust suppression systems for horse arenas are an easy DIY irrigation project. There are a few ways of doing these systems and the variations depend on 1. Arena Size There are normally a couple of standard sizes for horse arenas so the design is easily adaptable to fit your plan. The plan […]


The Nose has it in Effluent Disposal

July 5, 2019

The Nose Has It In Effluent Disposal Odour control was a big factor in the design of the effluent system for the Oringi Freezing works. Attention to detail paid off. The Oringi Freezing works wanted to overhaul their old effluent disposal system. Consultant Hamish Lowe from Glasson Potts Fowler called in ADL to help in […]


Watering the Links Residential Development

July 5, 2019

Watering The Links Residential Development Residents of the Links in New Plymouth are surrounded by lush green parks, thanks to their pop-up sprinkler system. The developers of the Links chose Weathermatic pop-up sprinklers and an ADL system design based on cost and efficiency. They could draw out the spacing for lower capital investment and still […]

irripod irrigation sprinkler system

Irripod System overcomes obstacles

March 25, 2019

Irripod System overcomes obstacles Like many New Zealand farms, Bob Scott’s Wairarapa property is not laid out in uniform blocks like a city street. Interesting paddock shapes, power lines and trees made Irripod the logical choice for Bob’s farm irrigation. Bob approached GV Electrical for help with his farm irrigation system. They called in ADL […]


Hitting Jack Frost where he hits hardest

March 25, 2019

Hitting Jack Frost where he hits hardest The stakes are high in frost-prone properties and good frost protection relies on good design and installation. Mike Kirk of Opotiki hit back at Jack with an ADL-designed frost protection system that will cope with temperatures as low as -4 degrees. Mike Kirk is in a particularly frost-prone […]


World First in Dairy Farm Irrigation

March 25, 2019

World First in Dairy Farm Irrigation Alan Cooper of Wanganui may well be the first dairy farmer in the world to use pop-up sprinklers for irrigation. Alan chose this system to overcome the challenges of topography. Now his idea is really catching on. Being coastal means a lot of Alan’s property was once dunes. Like […]


Three orchards, three different designs

March 20, 2019

Three Orchards, Three Different Designs Each of Chris Dunstan’s orchard developments is different from the next. So are their ADL-designed irrigation and frost protection systems. ADL has designed water systems for three of Chris Dunstan’s kiwifruit orchard developments totalling approximately 35 hectares. All have had unique challenges and required the use of different products, filtration […]