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Irripod System overcomes obstacles

Like many New Zealand farms, Bob Scott's Wairarapa property is not laid out in uniform blocks like a city street. Interesting paddock shapes, power lines and trees made Irripod the logical choice for Bob's farm irrigation.

Bob approached GV Electrical for help with his farm irrigation system. They called in ADL to design a cost-effective, efficient system and supply quality products. Bob chose to install the system himself and says he found installing it really straight forward.  “Dave (from ADL) gave good instructions to follow,” he says, “The worst part of installing the system was 'the thought of it'.  It was a relatively big job.  Once the work began the biggest challenge was making sure all of the PVC was glued and joined securely so it would not leak after being buried underground."

A K-Line type system was the obvious choice for Bob because powerlines, trees and interesting paddock shapes made other irrigation systems impossible. ADL specified the system for optimal performance.

ADL chose the Irripod brand of K-Line type system to allow sprinklers to be spaced more widely and reduce overall capital costs. Nelson “Windfighter” regulated sprinklers were chosen for their good operation in windy conditions, and the overall system was designed to ensure a good match between pipe size and sprinklers for both capital and operational efficiency. Now that the system is installed Bob is really pleased with the consistency of coverage.  “It blanket covers a job really well, so there is consistent watering,” he says.

ADL went beyond initial system design. Signs were made to indicate where lines should be placed each move. This helps the management of the system. ADL also designed the system to operate in two zones operating for 12 hrs each, via control valves. The sprinklers allow for an application rate of 60 mm per 24 hours. Still, the stony soils on the property mean the soils can only handle 30 mm. By operating the system in ‘shifts’ Bob gets better utilization of capital and can irrigate different soil types at different application rates, with varying return cycles.

Overall the system has worked brilliantly for Bob, and he has achieved an impressive 90% increase in milk production.

irripod irrigation sprinkler system

Farmer: Bob Scott
Designer: ADL
Products: ADL
Installer: GV Electrical
Area: Carterton