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Water Meters

Water Meters

Check our our range of water meters that read/monitor the amount of flow being provided to your system at any one time.

All water meters should be installed with a filter or Y strainer before the meter.
For accurate readings, there should be a straight length of pipe measuring 10x the pipe diameter before the meter and a length 5x the diameter after the meter

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  • Inground Boxes

    Inground Water Meter Boxes – Jumbo and Midi

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  • MTEX Watermeter

    MT-ET Water Meters BIL MTEX 15mm – 50mm BSP

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  • toby round valve box

    Toby Water Meter Box – Round 160mm Box – Large in-ground securing flange

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  • arad water meters

    Arad Model M Water Meters 15mm – 50mmBSP

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  • Krohne Cable Parts

    Krohne Water Meter Cable and Connections

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  • PIUSI Digital flow meter

    PIUSI K24 Electronic Water Meter – 25mm

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  • MTEX pulse reed switch

    MTEX Water Meter Reed Pulse Output – 25-50mm

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  • Removable meters

    CMEC Woltman Water Meters (Flanged) with Pulse Output – 40mm – 300mm

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  • Sensus   Inline Balanced Rotary Piston Meters

    Sensus – Inline Balanced Rotary Piston Meters 15mm -20mm BSP

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  • Hot Water Meter

    Arad MH Multijet Hot Water Meters with Pulse Output – 15mm – 50mm

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  • sonata image

    Arad Sonata Ultrasonic Water Meter – With Dual Pulse Output 20mm -25mm BSP

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  • arad dose o mat serise

    Arad Dose-O-Mat K Threaded | 20mm – 50mm

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  • Bulk water meter

    Arad Octave Ultrasonic Bulk Water Meter – Plastic Body – 40mm – 50mm

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  • octave water meter

    Octave Ultrasonic Bulk Water Meter with Pulse Output – Cast Iron Body – 50mm – 300mm

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  • Arad Octave Pulse Output

    Pulse & Data Output Modules for Octave Water Meter

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  • Maddalena Water meter

    Maddalena Water Meters – 25mm – 50mm

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  • Argon Flow Meters

    Z Series Flow Meter

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  • sensus iperl international water meter

    Sensus iPerl AMR Electronic Water Meters – 15mm – 50mm

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  • hunter hc flow meter

    Hunter HC Flow Meter

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  • arad flexible water meter

    Arad Flexible Axis Meter 20mm – With Ev 1L Pulse

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