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MT-ET Water Meters BIL MTEX 15mm – 50mm BSP


Used to measure the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline.

Details Code Price Quantity  
15mm – c/w Pulse 1.0L Brass Water Meter MTEX15P $203.07
 incl GST
15mm Brass Water Meter MTEX15 $156.48
 incl GST
20mm – c/w Pulse 1.0L – Brass Water Meter MTEX20P $231.94
 incl GST
20mm Brass Water Meter MTEX20 $186.81
 incl GST
25mm – c/w Pulse 1.0L – Brass Water Meter MTEX25P $260.71
 incl GST
25mm Brass Water Meter MTEX25 $210.48
 incl GST
32mm – c/w Pulse 1.0L – Brass Water Meter MTEX32P $356.17
 incl GST
32mm Brass Water Meter MTEX32 $332.33
 incl GST
40mm – c/w Pulse 10L – Brass Water Meter MTEX40P $463.46
 incl GST
40mm Brass Water Meter MTEX40 $404.50
 incl GST
50mm – c/w Pulse 10L – Brass Water Meter MTEX50P $651.28
 incl GST
50mm Brass Water Meter MTEX50 $522.86
 incl GST
50mm – Flanged Brass Water Meter MTEX50F $475.69
 incl GST
50mm – Flanged – c/w Pulse 10L – Brass Water Meter MTEX50FP $485.65
 incl GST
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  • Hermetically vacuum-sealed register
  • Magnetic transmission
  • Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection
  • High-flow accuracy and steady curve characteristics
  • Solid and robust design
  • High scratch resistant glass
  • Internal strainer
  • Water temperature: up to 50°C
  • Pressure rating: PN-10
  • Minimum friction wear due to negligable impeller weight, bearing flushing and hard metals
  • External calibration
  • Rotating star for flow indication, electronic calibration on the test bench and leak detection
  • Internal Check valve - Optional
  • ISO 4064 Class B
  • 1-year Warranty


Working principle while water passes through the water meter, several water jets make the impeller rotate. The impeller’s rotations are proportional to the quantity of water passing through and magnetically transmitted to the register, in which the reading of the water meter takes place.

Pulse Output Details

  • Digital dry pulse output
  • If powering no more than 30 Vdc and 50 Milliamps
  • normally open closes on contact

Install Recommendations

  • Install the meter in a horizontal position
  • Install a filter upstream of the meter to eliminate debris that could damage or stop the measuring element.
  • Prior to installing in a new line, flush the line to remove debris.
  • Ensure that the meter is full of water during measuring.
  • Female Straight Coupling

    Hansen Female Straight Coupling

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  • Hex Socket

    Hansen Hex Socket

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  • Medium Density Female Threaded Coupling

    Hansen Medium Density Female Threaded Coupling

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  • Inground Boxes

    Inground Water Meter Boxes – Jumbo and Midi

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  • MTEX pulse reed switch

    MTEX Water Meter Reed Pulse Output – 25-50mm

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  • VB10

    Valve Box Round with Lid ( Base 334mm x Depth 256mm) – VB10

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