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  • Thread Seal Tape

    Thread Seal Tape

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  • Hole Punch Interchangable

    Hole Punch with Interchangeable Cutter

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  • novakey solvent cement

    Novakey Solvent Cement Pressure Applications

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  • economical hole punch

    Economical Hole Punch for 4mm Barb

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  • PE Pipe Cutter

    Orbit PE Pipe Cutter for sizes up to 32mm

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  • Pressure Gauges 63mm

    Pressure Gauges 63mm Glycerin Filled

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  • Green PVC Solvent

    PVC Solvent Cement

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  • Aluminium Holderbats

    Adjustable Aluminium Holderbats

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  • pressure test kit partsa

    Pressure Test Kit – 20mm

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  • Cleaner Primer

    Novakey Cleaner Primer

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  • Simple Hole Punch 3mm and 4mm Fittings

    Simple Hole Punch 3mm and 4mm Fittings

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  • 228 mr50 pressure gauge

    50mm Plastic Display Side Entry 8mm Pressure Gauge

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  • 4mm Economical Hole Punch

    4mm Economical Hole Punch

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  • maxlife series

    MaxLife Batteries

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  • Tentek Tensionmeter

    TenTek Tensiometer

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  • 50mm Plastic Rear Entry Pressure Gauge

    50mm Plastic Rear Entry 1/4″ (8mm) Pressure Gauge

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  • pvc primer

    PVC Primer

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  • Pipe Cutters

    Poly Pipe Cutter up to 25mm poly

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  • Line Indicator flag

    Netafim Line Indicator Flag

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  • Automat Rotameter Venturi

    Automat Rotameter Venturi

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