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Pressure Gauges 63mm Glycerin Filled


Function: Gauges allow measurement of pressure / vacuum / temperature. Many are for general purpose measurement, though some applications will require calibration / certification.

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0 to 250 kPa (40psi) Pressure Gauge S/Steel 8mm Thread PGS250 $48.77
 incl GST
0 to 400kPa (60psi) Pressure Gauge S/Steel 8mm Thread PGS400 $48.77
 incl GST
0 to 600 kPa (85psi) Pressure Gauge S/Steel 8mm Thread PGS600 $48.77
 incl GST
0 to 1000 kPa (150psi) Pressure Gauge S/Steel 8mm Thread PGS1000 $48.77
 incl GST
0 to 1600 kPa (230psi) Pressure Gauge S/Steel 8mm Thread PGS1600 $48.77
 incl GST
Pressure/Vacuum Gauge S/Steel – 100 to +300kPa PGS300V $48.77
 incl GST
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Explanation: General purpose pressure gauges use a curved tube which straightens slightly when pressurised. Gearing mechanisms turn a pointer over a scale. Common temperature gauges use a bi-metalic methods to turn a pointer.

Typical Use: Measurement which shows correct operation of pumps / filters etc, or indicates a fault / maintenance due.

Cautions: Avoid overheating pressure gauges (use a ‘pigtail’ for protection). Avoid vibration of the needle (choose liquid filled gauges). Best calibration when working pressure is at mid-scale. Vent liquid filled gauges once installed to improve accuracy.

Connection is 8mm male thread.

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