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From discreet pop-up sprinklers ideal for manicured lawns to robust models built for agricultural environments, we provide solutions for all applications

Explore our selection of rotating, fixed, and oscillating nozzles, each designed to deliver precise water distribution across varying terrain

Whether you’re a novice gardener or seasoned landscaper, our range of sprinklers and accessories ensures efficient watering solutions for lush outdoor spaces

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  • micro tube joiners 4mm

    Micro Tube Joiners – 4mm

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  • Single Piece Jet Sprays

    Antelco Jet Sprays

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  • Antelco Micro Shrubbler

    Antelco Micro Shrubbler

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  • Rigid Riser

    Antelco Rigid Riser – 200 – 450mm long (adaptor fitted)

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  • Spray Jets

    Antelco Micro Jet Spray

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  • MP Rotators Series

    Hunter MP Rotator Sprinkler Nozzles

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  • rotor sprays

    Antelco Micro Rotor Spray

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  • Hunter Pro Spray Pop up Sprinkler Bodies

    Hunter Pro Spray Pop up Sprinkler Bodies

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  • Asta Stakes

    Antelco ASTA Rigid Riser Stakes

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  • pre cut lengths pvc tube

    Automat Black PVC Tube | Pre-Cut Lengths

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  • lateral tee 4

    Antelco Lateral Tees 4mm – 10mm

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  • 5mm joiners

    Antelco Micro Tube Joiners – 5mm & 6mm

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  • Hold Down Stake

    Antelco Hold Down Stake (Asta)

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  • RONDO S2000

    Rivulis S2000 Micro Sprinkler

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  • netafim female barb fitting

    Netafim Female Press Fit Connector – 4mm x 6.5mm – Black or Grey

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  • aoh0170h with out barb

    AquaDrip Adjustable Shrubbler | 4mm barb | 150mm Spike

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  • spectrum series

    Antelco Spectrum 360° Adjustable Spray

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  • netafim stake

    Netafim Supernet Sprinkler Stake

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  • Goof Plugs

    Antelco Goof Plugs

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  • Swing Joints series

    Hunter Pop-up Sprinkler Swing Joints

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