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Dripline Fittings

Dripline Fittings

Dripline Fittings for Horticultural and Effluent Dripline.

(Not for use on 16mm Driptape or Lateral pipe)

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  • galvanised hose staple

    Hose Staple

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  • Ratchet Clips

    Dripline Ratchet Clip 16mm

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  • 16mm dripline joiner

    16mm Dripline Joiner

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  • Hold Down Stake

    Antelco Hold Down Stake (Asta)

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  • Dripline Tees Thumbnail

    16mm Dripline Tees

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  • Saddle Clip with Nail

    Antelco Lateral Pipe Saddle with Nail

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  • Rubber Grommet Capo Top Hat

    Antelco Rubber Grommet Capo Top Hat

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  • 16mm dripline elbow

    16mm Dripline Elbow

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  • Lateral Valve Series

    Dripline Valves – 16mm O.D

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  • double barb end plug

    16mm Dripline End Plug

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  • Lateral Takeoffs   Xpando

    Antelco Lateral Takeoff – Xpando

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  • dripperline reducing tee

    16mm Dripline Reducing Tees

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  • Plugging Ring

    Netafim Dripline 16mm Plugging Ring

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  • reducing joiner

    Dripline to Lateral Reducing Joiner

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  • Antelco Lateral Double Barb Male Director

    16mm Dripline Male Director

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  • Irritec Nut & Tail 16mm dripline x 15mm BSPF

    Irritec Nut & Tail 16mm dripline BSPF

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  • Flare Joiner

    16mm Flare Joiner – Orange Nut

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  • Hole Punch Interchangable

    Hole Punch with Interchangeable Cutter

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  • Dripperline Non Leakage Valve

    Dripperline Non-Leakage Valve (DNL)

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  • 16mm Start Screw Nut Connectors for PE to 16mm Dripline

    16mm Start Screw Nut Connectors for PE to 16mm Dripline

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