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Irrigation Express offers an experienced team for irrigation installs in the Western Bay Area.
Do you need a helping hand in your sprinkler install or a team to design and install your orchards irrigation?

With over 50 years of collective experience, we have seen and done it all. No job too big or small, we offer all ranges of irrigation installations,

 - Small residential lawns to full retirement villages.

- Lifestyle blocks to commercial growers

- Horticulture, Agriculture, Sports Turf and Golf Courses

We are here to help 

Our Services

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Designs ranging from small residential lawns to Kiwifruit Orchards and Dairy Farms.

We are not afraid to get our hands dirty.
We install it all

Is your system sounding a bit off?
Let us handle the maintenance and repairs

An irrigation system is only as good as its water supply.

Ground preparation, Pipework and fittings.
We can get you water tank set up correctly.

Call our experts today for advice or consulting work on your system or project.
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Managing irrigation projects including commercial growers, retirement villages/commercial developments

If you have a new system or just purchased an orchard. Call our experts for a lesson in your system

Get our experts to peer review your projects or quotes, to make sure you are getting the best quality system

Read about our previous jobs where we helped all kinds of clients and projects achieve wonders with their irrigation

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Irrigation Installation

Our team has experience in every kind of irrigation system and are happy taking on all sorts of projects, big or small.

  • Residential Lawns and Gardens
  • Retirement Villages and Commercial Developments
  • Kiwifruit Irrigation and Frost Protection
  • Nursery, Orchards and Greenhouses
  • Agriculture Irrigation
    • Long Laterals
    • Fixed Grid
    • Pod Irrigation
    • Travelling Big Gun
  • Sports Turf or Fields
  • Golf Courses
  • Filtration Systems
  • Pumps and Tanks
  • Trenching

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Trouble Shooting and Maintenance is often overlooked in irrigation. Don't get to the crucial times of the year where you need to start your watering, and you find yourself with leaks and breaks throughout.

Our team of experts can maintain your existing system to ensure a well-running operation provides a well-earned yield. Save yourself the hassle and potential of a significant bill in fixing costly issues by maintaining your system.

Are you having trouble with your controller? We are experts in troubleshooting and making sure your systems live up to their full potential.

Pump Service and Repairs

Your irrigation is only as proper as its water source and delivery. You can have the best controller or sprinklers globally, but if your pump lacks the grunt to do the job, it will be all for nothing.

Our team of experts can make sure your pump is up to the task and running smoothly.

We offer a range of pumps at The Pump Shop. Please have a look at our range today.

Water Tank Installation

Setting up water tanks can be an essential part of your irrigation system. Once they are in, it can be a high cost to re-fit them elsewhere.

Get our experts on the task to make sure it's done the first time correctly. Ensuring your irrigation system is never without water.

  • Pipework
  • Ground Prep
  • Fittings and Valves
  • Overflow Systems.

Consulting & Advice

Get expert advice from a team that has been in the industry for more than 50 years.

If you require expertise, we offer obligation free advice and consultation, no matter the job.

Call today on 0800 130 905

Project Management

Make sure you are getting the best out of your project. Our team can take on the project management of irrigation installation and manage you are reaching the goals in quality and timeframes.

  • Nursery or Greenhouses
  • Orchards and Kiwifruit
  • Retirement Villages/Commercial Developments


Irrigation has many facets that can confuse the best of us. We can offer training in existing systems or your team of landscapes that want the edge in the market.


  • We can help you learn the ins and outs of your existing or new irrigation system to ensure your gardens and lawns stay lush and healthy.

Commercial Development

  • Have you got a crew that may need some further understanding of landscape and irrigation? We can offer the knowledge and training to get your team working to its full potential.


  • Our team is happy to teach and share our wisdom with your team of landscapers. Having a good understanding of irrigation can be vital in keeping the landscape healthy and the customers happy.


  • Do you feel you could be getting more from your product yield? Possibly we can help in furthering your knowledge in the irrigation system and controllers.
  • Make sure you are getting the most out of your controllers. Reports, Functions, Sensors. All vital information can make your life easier and your crop grander.
  • On-site visits are available to run you through the how's and why's of your irrigation.


  • Agriculture irrigation can come in many different forms. Our experts can share the knowledge and experiences on what has and has not worked—ensuring the right kind of irrigation for your fields.

Peer Review

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we can offer non-biased peer reviews of your irrigation plan or quotes. Our goal at Irrigation Express is to ensure that everyone is getting a well-designed system that will provide them with years of excellent service.