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Horse Arena Systems

Dust suppression systems for horse arenas are an easy DIY irrigation project.

There are a few ways of doing these systems and the variations depend on

1. Arena Size

There are normally a couple of standard sizes for horse arenas so the design is easily adaptable to fit your plan.
The plan we are going to be working on is a 45m x 60m

2. Water Supply

The water supply that the customers have is from water tanks.

3. Pump Size

The pump that was supplying the water was a 2k/wa pump that did 6³ of water

4. Manual or Automated

Automated systems run on solenoid valves linked to a controller. Manual systems are gate valves opened manually.

The top of the range systems use an Automated Pop up Sprinkler, controlled by Valves and a Irrigation Controller.

A Commonly Used Sprinkler - Hunter Gear Drive I25.

It has a range of nozzle sizes to adjust for the sizing of your arena and is commonly used for horse arena irrigation. If the arena is 20m wide then you should use the largest nozzle size for the range and application uniformity to do a good job. These can be installed in the ground but preferably attached to the railing. Using the PVC as a protective cover for the Pop up sprinkler it stops the horses from breaking or biting the sprinklers. (as seen in the right hand photos)

Hunter I-25 Pop-up Sprinkler

The Controller System - Hunter XCH

This controller gives complete control over your system. The XC Hybrid Controller delivers extensive power, built with efficient water management features. The XC Hybrid operates DC latching solenoids with battery power or a plug in 24VAC transformer. Ready for outdoor or indoor installation, the XC Hybrid comes in 6 or 12 station, plastic or stainless steel models.

Due to the water supply and demand for systems this big you will need to run 1 or 2 sprinklers at a time. This controller comes in handy for that as it can hold upto 12 zones with 4 start times per day, per program for up to 12 daily starts.


Hunter XC Hybrid Battery Controller

The Design

The design of the Horse Arena is fairly similar for each arena as they tend to be the same sizes. For the 45m x 60m we used 10 Sprinklers around the outside with 2 sprinklers on stands in the middle. If you had a 20m x 60m you wouldn't need the stands in the middle. This design creates an even and distributed water delivery for the system.


The Products We Use

Here is an example list of all the products supplied for the Horse Arena System of 45m x 60m that we had been talking about. If you are designing or installing a system, you can use this as a guide and add or remove the products you don't need. We have created a list that you can adapt and edit to suit your arena. Follow the link to view the list and add the products to your cart