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Dust Suppression on Construction Sites and Roading

Dust suppression is an essential aspect of construction site management. Dust generated from construction activities can cause a range of problems, including health risks, environmental damage, and decreased visibility, which can lead to accidents. The use of irrigation sprinklers is a popular and effective method of dust suppression for building sites. In this article, we will discuss the best practices for setting up a sprinkler system for dust suppression in building sites.

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Choosing the Right System

When selecting sprinklers for a dust suppression system, several factors must be considered.

  • Water Supply Capability – supply or water storage
  • Labour Content – cost and availability
  • How often water application will be required – type of dust, wind and temperature
  • Size of droplets on the material
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System Options

  • Sprinklers Shift Stands
  • Pod system
  • Fixed Impact Sprinklers
  • Big Gun Sprinklers
  • Automatic/manual options
product sprinkler stand 1in galvanized tripod normal 400x500

Sprinkler Shift Stand

pod syst

Pod System


Fixed Impact Sprinkler

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Big Gun Sprinklers


Automatic/manual options

System Design

To get to a system that suits the site with achieving the required suppression with aligning with capital cost and available labour is a process that takes a designer and site managers going through the options to find the most suitable solution.

  • Sprinkler System design
  • Pipe Network design
  • Control System design
  • Pump System design


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