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Hansen Products

Hansen Products

Hansen is the manufacturer of New Zealand’s High Quality Threaded, Polyethylene & Irrigation Pipe Fittings and Valves.

See here for our Hansen Product Guides.

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  • Hansen Hex Nipple

    Hansen Hex Nipple

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  • Hansen Reducing Bush

    Hansen Reducing Bush

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  • Reducing Hex Nipple

    Hansen Reducing Hex Nipple

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  • Male Straight Coupling

    Hansen Male Straight Coupling

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  • hansen male female elbow

    Hansen Male/Female Threaded Elbow

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  • Hex Screw Plug

    Hansen Hex Screw Plug

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  • Male Hose Tail

    Hansen Male Hose Tail

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  • Hex Socket

    Hansen Hex Socket

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  • Medium Density Male Threaded Coupling

    Hansen Medium Density Male Threaded Coupling

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  • Female Tee

    Hansen Female Threaded Tee

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  • Hansen Bend

    Hansen Bend

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  • Hansen Female Tank Fittings   Black

    Hansen Female Tank Fittings – Black

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  • Female Straight Coupling

    Hansen Female Straight Coupling

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  • Medium Density Elbow

    Hansen Medium Density Elbow

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  • Reducing Hex Socket

    Hansen Reducing Hex Socket

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  • Hansen Male Tank Fittings   Black

    Hansen Male Tank Fitting – Black

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  • Hex Screw Cap

    Hansen Hex Screw Cap

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  • Female Threaded Elbow

    Hansen Female Threaded Elbow

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  • Hansen Straight Coupling

    Hansen Straight Coupling

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  • Tee Connector

    Hansen Tee Connector

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