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About Us

Largest Online Irrigation Suppliers in New Zealand.

Helping grow one of New Zealand's largest industries.


Our Values


We are Irrigation Express, The largest online suppliers for irrigation in New Zealand.

  • Helping grow one of New Zealand's largest industries.
  • Great quality and tested products that give the best results
  • Keeping our prices low and competitive all around NZ
  • Making sure the right products are being supplied for the right applications
  • Fast, efficient and transparent service

Our Mission


We are a supplier of products, we supply the bits and pieces that you need to put your irrigation or water system together. Our primary job is to make sure you receive quality products at great prices, secondly, we also supply you with the technical advice and system planning to ensure that you get the system you want.
We are passionate about serving our customers and stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If there are products you require for your irrigation or water system and they are not on the website please let us know and we will price these for you as well.

Our Services


Technical advice

  • We can help you with any question you may have regarding irrigation and water systems.
  • Your questions could be about:
    • Troubleshooting with your existing system
    • How to use and get the most out of your irrigation system
    • How to plan your system
    • Product performance and what would suit your situation

We can help with

  • Choosing the right product for the right job.
  • Full project pricing, if you have a large project we will price the products for you which may reduce the price depending on the size of the project.
  • If there are products that are not on the website that you would like pricing for we can help with that too, we are continually adding products to the site.
  • Full system design with the computer-aided design is available
  • Any advice you may need including any details on installation is free of charge.