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Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Explore our range of drip irrigation products, including dripline and driptape.

Perfect for gardens, farms, orchards and nurseries, we have a huge range of essential fittings. Common fittings include connectors, end caps, adapters, valves, filters, and pressure regulators, essential for assembling and maintaining a drip irrigation system.

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  • galvanised hose staple

    Hose Staple

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  • micro tube joiners 4mm

    Micro Tube Joiners – 4mm

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  • Take apart drippers w Green

    AquaDrip | Take Apart Dripper | Pressure Compensating

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  • take apart dripper series

    Antelco Pressure Compensating Drippers – Take Apart

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  • ClickTif PC Button Drippers with Barbed Outlet

    ClickTif PC Button Drippers with Barbed Outlet

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  • Netafim PCJ Dripper

    Netafim PCJ Pressure Compensating Dripper Non-Leak

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  • Agri Drippers

    Antelco Agri Drippers

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  • Turbo Key Dripper

    Toro Turbo-Key and Turbo-Plus Dripper

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  • Ratchet Clips

    Dripline Ratchet Clip 16mm

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  • Antelco Micro Shrubbler

    Antelco Micro Shrubbler

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  • netafim tube spikes grey

    Netafim Dripper Tube Spike

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  • aquadrip button drippers green and brown

    AquaDrip | PC Button Dripper

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  • pcj cnl spike

    Netafim PCJ Dripper with tube spike and grey tube (low CNL)

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  • 16mm dripline joiner

    16mm Dripline Joiner

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  • Dripper Stake and tube PCT Dripper 3

    AquaDrip Long Arrow Dripper Stake with 50cm Tubing and PCT 4mm Adapter

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  • lateral tee 4

    Antelco Lateral Tees 4mm – 10mm

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  • Supertif Drip Emitters

    Supertif Drip Emitters | Pressure Compensated

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  • 5mm joiners

    Antelco Micro Tube Joiners – 5mm & 6mm

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  • 16mm Drip Tape End Plug with Hook DN17

    AquaDrip – 16mm Drip Tape End Plug with Hook

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  • Hold Down Stake

    Antelco Hold Down Stake (Asta)

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