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Low CNL PCJ Dripper with tube spike and grey tube


Compact on-line pressure-compensating, continuously self-cleaning dripper

Details Code Price Quantity  
2.0 L/Hr – 40cm grey tube 40200-044970 $1.27
 ex GST
3.0 L/Hr – 40cm grey tube 40200-045430 $1.27
 ex GST
4.0 L/Hr – 40cm grey tube 40200-046480 $1.27
 ex GST
1.2 L/Hr – 60cm grey tube 40200-044320 $1.41
 ex GST
2.0 L/Hr – 60cm grey tube 40200-045000 $1.10
 ex GST
3.0 L/Hr – 60cm grey tube 40200-045450 $1.41
 ex GST
4.0 L/Hr – 60cm grey tube 40200-046497 $1.41
 ex GST
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When the fruits, vegetables, or plants in your greenhouses or nurseries demand nothing less than 100% uniformity of water and nutrient distribution, PCJ self-cleaning drippers is the best choice to guarantee top performance for your precious investments.


  • Precision delivery of water and nutrients over a broad pressure range assures excellent crop uniformity and consistently high yields.
  • Continuous self-flushing technology ensure consistent flow-rates and flawless operation.
  • Number of drippers can be easily increased ensuring sufficient water to meet your plants growth rate requirements.
  • Micro-tubes allow drippers to be positioned exactly where required, and split into several drip outlets if needed.
  • Eliminates drainage & refill effect, and improves efficiency during pulse irrigation.

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