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Three Orchards, Three Different Designs

Each of Chris Dunstan's orchard developments is different from the next. So are their ADL-designed irrigation and frost protection systems.

ADL has designed water systems for three of Chris Dunstan’s kiwifruit orchard developments totalling approximately 35 hectares. All have had unique challenges and required the use of different products, filtration and control systems. Chris says he chose David to do the design because of his independent approach. “He did not latch his design to a compulsion to purchase products or use a particular installer,” says Chris. “Where it been appropriate, we have asked him to quote on supply of the product, and his prices have been right.”

In each case, the choice of the system has been driven by the topography, water source, micro-climate, area and type of crop training method. In one instance, ADL recommended a settlement pond system for water quality. In another, they recommended an automatic screen intake to reduce sand, silt and algae where a combination of the low water table and soil type meant a settlement system was not possible.

One of the blocks has a particularly complex system with three pump systems and three separate filtration systems. Some water from a warm water bore is mixed with the cold for under vine irrigation in one part of this orchard that is not highly prone to frosts. To date, this has proved sufficient frost protection in that situation.

ADL designs each system, and even each section of a system to the specific needs of the block for an optimal balance between capital investment and running cost efficiency. Chris has been happy with the results. “They have all been to a high standard. If anything they are over-specified, not under specified. It is usually a challenge for orchardists when it comes to frost protection and irrigation. A lot of systems aren’t quite up to the job,”


Developer: Chris Dunstan
Designer: Irrigation Express
Products: Irrigation Express
Installer: Orchard Staff
Area: Tauranga/Whakatane