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Rain Bird HVF

Rain Bird HV Solenoid Valve


Pressure Range: 1.0 – 10.3 bar (15 to 150 psi) The High Value Series – 25mm HV Valve BSP x BSP – with Flow Control (I100HVF BSP) 24vac

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Rain Bird HV Solenoid Valve I100HVFBSP $29.00
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  • Glass-filled polypropylene body for strength
  • Reverse flow normally closed design
  • Trouble-free service with few parts
  • Quick access to diaphragm with only four screws
  • Water temperature up to 43°C, ambient temperature up to 52°C
  • Flow: 0.01 to 1.89 l/s


  • Eccentric diaphragm for smooth closing, less water hammer
  • Glass-filled polypropylene body for strength
  • Reverse flow normally closed design
  • Single-filtered pilot flow for maximum reliability
  • Trouble-free service with few parts
  • Buna-N diaphragm with self-cleaning 90-mesh (200 micron) pilot water filter and stainless steel spring


  • Compact design, 2.54” spin radius for tight installations
  • Operates in low-flow and Landscape
  • Drip applications when a 200 mesh filter is installed upstream
  • Available in multiple fitting types
  • External bleed to manually flush system of dirt and debris during installation and system startup
  • Internal bleed for spray-free manual operation
  • Unique, easy-to-turn, pressure-assisted flow control mechanism option available (HVF models only)


Rain Bird Valves have a decades long reputation in the industry as the most reliable residential valves on the market. The HV valve follows in that grand tradition. They are tested to tough standards to ensure high performance for many years to come, making it a great residential valve choice.Rain Bird® HV valves install quickly, service easily, and deliver reliable performance you can count on – all at an affordable price. A more compact design makes it easier to install and allows you to put more valves in a single valve box. Heavy-duty construction and fewer screws simplify maintenance. Its reverse-flow design is engineered to stand up to the diverse and challenging needs of any landscape. Like all Rain Bird valves, HV Valves are built to work with any standard sprinkler timer.


Ease of Service:

  • Captive multi-drive screws for ease of access
  • Your choice of tools to open valve (nut driver, Phillips head screwdriver, slotted head screwdriver)
  • Four screws for quick access to diaphragm
  • Diaphragm locating post for positive installation

Operating Range

  • Pressure: 15 to 150 PSI (1,0 to 10,3 bar)
  • Flow: 0.01 to 1.89 l/s;
    • For Flows Below 0.19 l/s or any Xerigation® application, use a 200 mesh filter installed upstream
  • Operating Temperatures:
    Water temperature up to 43° C
  • Ambient temperature up to 52° C

Electrical Specifications

  • 24 VAC 50/60 Hz (cycles/sec.) solenoid
  • Inrush current: 0.290 A at 60 Hz
  • Holding current: 0.091 A at 60 Hz
  • Coil resistance: 70-85 Ohms


  • Height: 11.7 cm
  • Height (MB): 11.43 cm
  • Length: 11.2 cm
  • Length (MB): 14.4 cm
  • Width: 7.9 cm

HV and HVF Valve Pressure Loss (Metric)

1" HV
0.25 0.06 0.11
0.75 0.21 0.14
1.00 0.28 0.16
2.00 0.56 0.23
5.00 1.39 0.32
7.50 2.08 0.42
9.10 2.52 0.57