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Mouse Vertical Float Switch


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Single function 60-120mm differential, 2m lead 228-MOU0002 $76.39
 incl GST
Pipe / Wall Bracket 228-MOUPB $13.60
 incl GST
Pump-Top Bracket 228-MOUSB $15.70
 incl GST
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The Mouse vertical float switch is a level regulator suitable for narrow spaces where regular floats do not have enough moving space. It allows the users to adjust minimum and maximum levels by moving the floats fixed to the shaft with two different models to cover from 60-420mm differential. It also has a simple knob to lock the float in the on position to bypass level control if required.

There is two separate mounting options for either mounting to pipework or wall of a tank (MOUPB) or direct to the top of the pump (MOUSB) (both sold separately).

Suitable to control the level in clean water.

Technical Details

  • 230Volt 10(8)Amp rated
  • Max liquid temp: 50°C
  • Max depth 15m
  • Tank emptying
  • IP68
  • Single function = emptying
  • Dual function = switchable emptying / filling
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