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Height Restriction Kit for Water Tanks


Details Code Price Quantity  
25mm – 1m Height Restriction Kit HRK25 $19.14
 incl GST
32mm – 1m Height Restriction Kit HRK32 $27.74
 incl GST
40mm – 1m Height Restriction Kit HRK40 $36.04
 incl GST
50mm – 1m Height Restriction Kit HRK50 $43.85
 incl GST
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The Height Restriction Kit for water tanks is a specially designed outlet that is installed at a height of 1 meter above the base of the water tank. The outlet is designed to limit the flow of water that can be drained from the tank at any given time, helping to ensure the stability and integrity of the tank and the system it is connected to.

The outlet includes a pipe with a smaller diameter than the main outlet of the tank, which restricts the flow of water. This restriction prevents the tank from completely draining and helps maintain a certain amount of water within the tank, ensuring that the system remains operational and the tank remains stable.

The 1m height restriction Kit is commonly used in various applications, including firefighting systems, irrigation systems, and water storage systems, where maintaining a certain amount of water within the tank is essential for the proper functioning of the system.

Assembly Required

-A small amount of PVC Glue is required for assembly


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