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Low Voltage Irrigation Cable (3 Core)


Multiples of 1 will be sent as 1 coil

Details Code Price Quantity  
3 Core x 0.5mm² x 100m Irrigation Cable IC305-100 $136.75
 incl GST
3 Core x 1.5mm² x 100m Irrigation Cable IC315-100 $337.77
 incl GST
3 Core x 1.0mm² x 100m Irrigation Cable IC310-100 $223.00
 incl GST
3 Core X 0.5mm² X 1m Irrigation Cable IC305-1M $1.41
 incl GST
3 Core X 1.0mm² X 1m Irrigation Cable IC310-1M $2.31
 incl GST
3 Core X 1.5mm² X 1m Irrigation Cable IC315-1M $3.51
 incl GST
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Low Voltage Irrigation Cable (3 Core), core size: 1.0mm² to 1.5mm²

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