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SQ Series Square Pattern low-volume Spray Nozzles


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Square Nozzle Full Circle – PC RBX54900 $11.03
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Square Nozzle Three Quarter Circle – PC RBX54907 $11.03
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Square Nozzle Half Circle – PC RBX54901 $11.03
 incl GST
Square Nozzle Quarter Circle – PC RBX54902 $11.03
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The SQ Series is an ideal solution for precise and efficient irrigation of small areas. With its square spray pattern and pressure compensation, it offers increased control, reducing overspray and property damage, while also lowering liability risks. Moreover, it boasts a unique edge-to-edge capability that reduces the number of nozzles required, resulting in cost and installation time savings.

The SQ Series is highly versatile, offering flexibility in design and installation. With one nozzle throwing up to 0.8m or 1.2m, it can be used on a variety of spray heads and risers. Additionally, it meets the micro irrigation system requirement for less than 98.42 lph flow rate at 2 bar.

With water savings of up to 65%, the SQ Series is an excellent choice for narrow planting beds, parking lot islands, walkways, parkways, street medians, and areas around trees and shrubs. Simplify your irrigation design and installation while achieving greater efficiency and control with the SQ Series.


  • Precision and Efficiency
    1. Perfect for small areas - Use for difficult corners in narrow planting beds, parking lot islands, walkways, parkways, street medians, and around trees and shrubs.
    2. Pressure compensating and virtually mist-free – Ensure optimum coverage for non-turf applications from 1.4 bar to 3.5 bar, even at the maximum operating pressure.
    3. Water Saving - Meets micro irrigation system requirement with less than 98 lph flow rate at 2 bar.
  • Versatile Installation
    1. Simplify designs and installations - Square patterns create flexibility for use in a variety of applications
    2. Use in a variety of applications - Different patterns provide solutions for different placement and flow
    3. Multiple ways to install a single product - Can be installed on a variety of spray heads and risers to address any of your irrigation projects.
    4. Optional throw - Patented design  provides the designer and the installer with the option of 0.8 m or 1.2 m
  • Savings on Material and Labor Costs
    1. Fewer Nozzles Needed - Unique square pattern with edge-to-edge capability reduces need for overlap decreasing cost and installation time.
    2. Reduced liability - Pressure compensation offers increased efficiency and control, reducing overspray, and property damage.


  • Flow Rates: 22.71 lph, 45.42 lph, 68.13 lph and 98.42 lph
  • Operating Pressure: 1.4 bar to 3.5 bar
  • Required Filtration: 40 mesh
  • Throw Distance: 0.8m to 1.2m