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Rivulis Tornado Ray Jets


Details Code Price Quantity  
Red Nozzle – 70 L/hr TRD360 $1.16
 incl GST
Blue Nozzle – 34 L/hr TBL360 $1.16
 incl GST
Black Nozzle – 25 L/hr TBK360 $1.16
 incl GST
Green Nozzle – 55 L/hr TGR360 $1.16
 incl GST
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No moving parts to break, jam, or wear out. Introducing the Tornado Ray Jet stream sprayer, for more dependability in
your orchard irrigation system. From young trees to established orchards, there's a Tornado Ray Jet that's right for you.
The Tornado Ray Jet stream sprayer uses a vortex nozzle which creates a turbulent water flow throughout the large
water passage way. And with the turbulent flow and large water passage way, clogging hazards are minimized - even at
low flow rates.