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Rain Bird LXME Irrigation Controller – Optional Flow Smart Module


The ESP-LXME enhanced Controller provides optional flow sensing and water management.

Capacity from 8 to 48 stations. Station modules are available in 8 and 12 station models.

Details Code Price Quantity  
12 Station ESP-LXME Irrigation Controller I12LXMEAU $752.00
 ex GST
8 Station ESP-LXME Irrigation Controller I8LXMEAU $785.00
 ex GST
8 Station with Flow Smart Module ESP-LXME Irrigation Controller I8LXMEFAU $820.00
 ex GST
12 Station with Flow Smart Module ESP-LXME Irrigation Controller I12LXMEFAU $1,065.00
 ex GST
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  • Large LCD display with easy to navigate softkey user interface.
  • Weather Sensor input with override switch.
  • Master valve/pump start circuit.
  • programmable to allow up to 5 stations to operate at the same time.
  • Rain Delay.
  • Station timing: 0 min to 12 hrs.
  • Delay between stations : from 1 sec to 9 hours.
  • 4 independent programs (ABCD) - with 8 start times per program.
  • Program Day Cycles include Custom days of the week, Odd, Odd31, Even, & Cyclical dates.
  • Smart Approved Watermark - Australia’s outdoor water-saving labeling program for products and services that help reduce water use.


The ESP-LXME provides flexible features and modular options that make the controller ideal for a wide variety of applications including light-commercial, commercial, and industrial irrigation systems.

48-station capacity

Go from eight to 48 stations with four module slots compatible with four-station, eight‑station or 12-station modules. The expand-ability of the ESP‑LXME makes it perfect for a broad range of small to large commercial jobs.

Easy installation

The user-friendliness of Extra Simple Programming cuts programming time, while the spacious cabinet and quick-connect terminals make installation a snap. From top to bottom, the ESP-LXME is engineered to help you move on to the next job sooner.

Optional flow sensing

The Flow Smart Module sensor input accepts a direct input from a flow sensor with no flow scaling device required. .Rest easy, monitor and automatically react to pipe breaks. By adding flow sensing to the ESP-LXME, you can take advantage of flow learning, high-flow and low-flow detection and reaction, as well as flow logging. Requires optional Flow Smart Module.