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PVC 4-way Crosses


Furniture Grade PVC 4-Way Elbow

(Please note: PVC pressure fittings are not compatible with Drainage, Storm Water or Drain Waste and Vent Pipe)

Details Code Price Quantity  
20mm 4-way Cross 4WAY20 $10.47
 incl GST
25mm 4-way Cross 4WAY25 $11.27
 incl GST
32mm 4-way Cross 4WAY32 $15.30
 incl GST
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Heavy duty PVC Furniture, 4-way PVC elbow side outlet tees,  PVC corner tee fitting for Greenhouse and Tent connections

4 Way Socket Connection

  • PVC Pipe

    Milford PVC Pressure Pipe 10 x 6m lengths

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  • Cleaner Primer

    Novakey Cleaner Primer

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  • PVC Pipe Socket one end

    PN6 PVC Pipe Socket One End 50mm – 80mm

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  • PN9 PVC Pipe   Socket One End 50mm   80mm

    PN9 PVC Pipe Socket One End 50mm – 80mm

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  • pvc 5 8 meter bundle of 10 image

    PVC Pressure Pipe | 5.8 Meters x 10 Bundle | PN12

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  • pvc primer

    PVC Primer

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  • Green PVC Solvent

    PVC Solvent Cement

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  • PVC Pipe is referred to by its inside diameter (ID)
  • Use Primer to clean the fitting and pipe before installation
  • Apply Solvent Cement on both the PVC pipe and fitting
  • Secure the fitting and hold to dry for 30 seconds
  • PVC Spigot fittings are male and go inside the female PVC Socket fittings or pipe