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PVC Pipe Socket one end

PN6 PVC Pipe Socket One End 50mm – 80mm


PN6 PVC Pressure PipeSocket One End (SOE) 

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Details Code Price Quantity  
50mm x 6m PN9 PVC Pressure Pipe Socket One End 800-50PN6-6 $23.78
 ex GST
65mm x 6m PN9 PVC Pressure Pipe Socket One End 800-65PN6-6 $38.69
 ex GST
80mm x 6m PN9 PVC Pressure Pipe Socket One End 800-80PN6-6 $53.60
 ex GST
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  • Urban potable water supply
  • Pumped sewer rising mains
  • Agricultural irrigation and rural water supply
  • Industrial processing fluids
  • Industrial effluent disposal
  • Slurry lines
  • Acids, alkalies and aggressive chemicals*

Socket One End - PVC Pipe

*Refer to ‘A Guide to Chemical Resistance of Thermoplastic and Elastomeric Materials’ - available from Iplex Pipelines.

Manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1477 PVC pipes & fittings for pressure applications for Series 1 pipe. Iplex PVC-U pipes are independently certified in accordance with the test requirements of AS/NZS 1477. Standards Mark Licence number SMKO2569 and SMKP20181.


PVC Pipe Dimensions

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