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PVC Plain Coupler


PVC-U fittings are designed and manufactured to AS/NZS 1477 for various water industry applications.

(Please note: PVC pressure fittings are not compatible with Drainage, Storm Water or Drain Waste and Vent Pipe)

Details Code Price Quantity  
65mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-65 $6.47
 incl GST
15mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-15 $0.44
 incl GST
20mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-20 $0.67
 incl GST
25mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-25 $0.97
 incl GST
32mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-32 $1.35
 incl GST
40mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-40 $1.07
 incl GST
50mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-50 $1.59
 incl GST
100mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-100 $16.89
 incl GST
80mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-80 $6.72
 incl GST
125mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-125 $61.62
 incl GST
150mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-150 $56.74
 incl GST
200mm Plain PVC Coupler 810-200 $179.43
 incl GST
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Product Details

  • System: PVC pipe system
  • Scope: PVC pipework is used for the conveyance of drinking water, waste water, chemicals, heating fluid and cooling fluids, foodstuffs, ultra-pure liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air and vacuum system applications.
  • Size: 15mm - 400mm


Specification: All UPVC Pipe and Fittings are manufactured in compliance with AS/NZS 1477, the Australian and New Zealand standard for PVC Pipe and Fittings. UPVC Pipe is manufactured from 100% virgin Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride compound, no reworked material are used. All pipes are produced under strict ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System.



  • Suitable for temperatures from 0°C to 60°C.
  • PVC is non-toxic and taint free making this a suitable piping system for potable drinking water systems.
  • Commonly used in Pumping Systems for Dairy Sheds, domestic and industrial plumbing, Water Filtration Systems, Wastewater Applications and Irrigation Systems.

Referenced Standards: AS/NZS 1477


A confusing part of the PVC labelling is that the numbers don’t correspond to any physical measurement.


All the PVC fittings have an actual ID measurement larger than the label states.


For example, a 20mm PVC fitting has an ID of 26.7mm.


PVC Fitting Dimensions - 810
PVC Fitting Chart Dimensions - 810

Dimensions are an indication only and may vary on PVC Fitting. 

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  • PVC Pipe is referred to by its inside diameter (ID)
  • Use Primer to clean the fitting and pipe before installation
  • Apply Solvent Cement on both the PVC pipe and fitting
  • Secure the fitting and hold to dry for 30 seconds
  • PVC Spigot fittings are male and go inside the female PVC Socket fittings or pipe