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Hunter ACC2 Advanced Commercial Controller


With its advanced multi-flow monitoring and management capabilities, ACC2 stands out as the top choice for handling complex projects.

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ACC2 Controller 12 Zone Base Model – Plastic Case A2C1200P $3,231.50
 incl GST
ACC2 Controller 12 Zone Base Model – Metal Case A2C1200M $3,617.90
 incl GST
ACC2 Controller 12 Zone Base Model – Plastic Pedestal A2C1200PP $12,130.20
 incl GST
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Hunter's latest offering, the ACC2 controller, is a powerful, intelligent, and flexible solution for water management needs in large-scale commercial projects. The controller boasts a robust transformer at its core, allowing it to safely operate up to 14 valves concurrently and maximize watering schedules' efficiency. It can be tailored to any commercial project, with configurations ranging from 12 to 54 stations, up to six flow meter inputs, and six pump/master valve outputs. Additionally, its color backlit display and reversible facepack make program setup and diagnostics quick and simple.

The ACC2 is equipped with built-in intelligence, capable of maintaining preset flows on up to six flow zones at the same time. It continually monitors the system for breaks, leaks, and electrical faults, halting irrigation and pinpointing the root cause of any issues that arise. The controller can even respond to sensor input with specific actions, such as switching water supplies when levels drop or initiating a program when soil moisture is low.

The ACC2's flexibility is impressive, with 32 independent programs, 10 start times, and a range of overlapping, stacking, and flow management configurations. Innovative Conditional Response features enable automatic pre-programmed actions based on sensor input and other conditions. Optional external alarm output alerts maintenance personnel to alarm conditions, and the Wi-Fi module is compatible with nearly all mobile devices.

The ACC2 is the most advanced commercial controller available, providing maximum capability for even the most significant projects.


  • 12 to 54 stations
  • Up to 6 flow sensor inputs and 6 P/MV outputs
  • 32 automatic programs (10 start times each) for precise plant management
  • Block function to group stations and consolidate large systems
  • Built-in Solar Sync® logic for smart water savings
  • Real-time flow monitoring detects and diagnoses leaks in up to 6 flow zones
  • Flow management optimizes watering at safe velocities
  • High-visibility, full-color display with reversible facepack
  • Conditional Response “if/then” programming for active responses to sensor inputs
  • User management password protection, with two levels of access
  • Optional plug-in communications modules for cloud or network control
  • Detailed alarm logs in plain language
  • Extreme service lightning protection
  • Easy Retrieve™ programming backup and restore
  • Non-Water Windows to inhibit accidental irrigation



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Operating Specifications

  • Transformer input: 120/230 VAC
  • Maximum AC current draw: 120 VAC, 2 A/230 VAC, 1 A
  • Transformer output: 24 VAC, ~3 A
  • P/MV outputs (24 VAC): Up to 6; 3 included, 0.8 A each
  • Sensor inputs: 3 Clik, 1 Solar Sync, and up to 6 Flow sensors (3 included)
  • Approvals: Wall Mounts IP44, Plastic Pedestal IP34,NEMA 3R, UL, cUL, FCC, CE, RCM
  • Warranty period: 5 years

User-Installed Options

  • ROAM/ROAM XL remote controls
  • WSS-SEN or SOLAR-SYNC-SEN for automatic water savings
  • Flow sensors (up to 6) including Flow-Sync, WFS, and other approved equals

Additional Specifications

  • Number of stations:
    • 12 to 54, for large projects
  • Simultaneous station operation: Up to 14 solenoids
  • Expands in 6-station increments
  • Extreme service lightning protection, standard on all A2M-600 output modules
  • Station outputs: 0.8 A each
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    Hunter ACC Decoders 1 – 6 Zones

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  • a2c lte_107

    Hunter ACC2 – 75 Zone – Decoder Controller

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Cloud Management with the CENTRALUS Platform

Keep track of irrigation on the go! Add web-based central and mobile control to ACC2 controllers with simple plug-in communication modules and Centralus.

  • Clean, simple web application with screens that fit any smart device (monitor, phone, tablet)
  • Instant map-based overviews of all controller statuses
  • Browser-based remote control for all ACC2 functions
  • Remote adjustment, system on/off commands, or timed shutdowns
  • Solar Sync sensor integration for automatic, climate-adjusted water savings
  • Proactive forecast adjustments for additional water savings
  • View real-time flow by sensor, and flow total reporting by day, week, month, or year
  • Text notifications of controller alarms to your phone
  • Crew member sharing and management
centralus advanced feature
connection options
advanced feature acc2 flow zones 3

Real Time Flow Monitoring

With this feature, users can connect a flow meter to the irrigation system and detect high or low flow conditions. The system can then automatically react to alarms based on user-programmable parameters.

The controller is able to learn typical flows for each irrigation zone and continuously monitor system performance during automatic irrigation. When the system detects incorrect flows, it can accurately identify the faulty station and shut it down, whether it uses normally-open or normally-closed master valves.


Flow Scheduling / Flow Budgeting

The ACC2 is a smart irrigation system with advanced capabilities. It can schedule stations on up to 6 flow zones simultaneously, thanks to its built-in intelligence. It constantly monitors the system for issues like breaks, leaks, and electrical faults. In case of any problems, it suspends irrigation and accurately identifies the source of the issue.

Moreover, the ACC2 can respond to sensor input with specific actions, such as switching water supplies when water levels drop or initiating a program when soil moisture is low.

advanced feature acc2 flow zones 1

Solar Sync-Delay / Rain-Delay

With the Solar Sync Delay feature, users can defer seasonal adjustment changes made by Solar Sync for a period of up to 250 days when setting up a new landscape. During this delay, users can set a fixed percentage to be used. Once the delay period is over, the controller will automatically switch to sensor adjustment mode.

Easy Retrieve™ Memory

A manual back-up utility that stores complete controller scheduling and setup information in back-up memory.

advanced feature acc2 conditional response 4

Conditional Response

The innovative Conditional Response features of this irrigation system utilize sensor input and other conditions to trigger pre-programmed actions automatically. This allows for a variety of customized responses to fit unique needs.

For example, based on level sensors, the system can switch from one water supply to another during scheduled irrigation. It can also start specialty programs automatically based on sensor input or other specific conditions.

Password Protection with User Management

This irrigation system provides password protection with user management, enabling users to create multiple user IDs with individual PIN numbers and two levels of access.

With Crew level access, users can perform manual operations and view programming, while Admin level access allows for modifying programming and other settings. When User Management is enabled, operators will be required to enter their PIN before operating the controller, providing an added layer of security.

Furthermore, the system maintains a user log, which records user log-ins for future review in the controller log. This feature ensures that the system is only accessible by authorized personnel and provides accountability for all system actions.

advanced feature acc2 user management

MAINSAFE™ Water Source Protection

MainSafe™ is an advanced water source and mainline protection feature that operates above the flow zone level. By utilizing a dedicated flow sensor and master valve, It provides an additional level of protection to long runs of mainline pipe.

Moreover, MainSafe™ allows for dedicated lines for manual irrigation and monitoring of monthly usage budgets for multiple flow zones. This feature provides a high level of control over the water usage in the irrigation system and maximizes water efficiency.

Delay Between Stations

Users can program a delay between stations as the controller advances from one station to the next. This delay can range from a few seconds (to permit slow-closing valves additional time to close) to a much longer period of time (to allow pressure tanks time to recharge), based on user requirements.

Calendar Days Off by Date

ACC2 allows users to specify Calendar Days Off up to a year in advance. Create a list of dates on which the whole controller will not be allowed to run, regardless of Water Day settings

Sensor Programmability

The ability to specify which program will be shut down in response to a specific sensor alarm. This allows programs unaffected by the sensor to continue automatic operations.

Cycle and Soak

The Cycle and Soak feature is designed to save water by preventing runoff from slopes or saturated soil. It enables the operator to specify a maximum cycle time for each station, followed by a minimum soak time.

With this feature, the operator can enter any run time, and the controller will automatically divide it into cycles to allow water to be absorbed during the soak periods. This helps to ensure that the water is effectively utilized and prevents wastage.

Moreover, the Cycle and Soak feature is adjustable for each individual station or Block of stations, enabling the system to be customized for unique soil and site conditions. This enhances the overall efficiency of the irrigation system, saves water, and promotes healthy plant growth.