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Hunter ACC Decoders 1 – 6 Zones


Hunter offers top-of-the-line two-wire decoders for ACC2 applications that require long-distance coverage and high-station-count capacity. These decoders are equipped with advanced features such as two-way communications and integrated surge protection, providing reliable and efficient operation.

Details Code Price Quantity  
ACC – Single-station decoder with surge suppression and ground wire ICD-100 $276.66
 incl GST
ACC 2-station decoder with surge suppression and ground wire ICD-200 $509.01
 incl GST
ACC D4-station decoder with surge suppression and ground wire ICD-400 $639.00
 incl GST
ACC 6-station decoder with surge suppression and ground wire ICD-600 $1,027.99
 incl GST
ACC 2-input Sensor decoder with surge suppression and ground wire ICDSEN $1,480.05
 incl GST
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The ACC2 Decoder is specifically engineered to work in tandem with Hunter ICD decoders. To enable their operation, station numbers must first be programmed into the ICD decoders.

In terms of functionality, the ACC2 Decoder closely resembles the conventionally wired ACC2 controller, but it also incorporates a Decoder menu that provides access to all of the unique decoder functions and diagnostics. Additionally, certain devices such as Pump/Master Valves and sensors can be assigned to decoder locations, and the individual setup screens now include this option.

Key Benefits

• ICD Decoders are compatible with ACC2 Decoder Controllers and
legacy ACC-99D Decoder Controllers
1-, 2-, 4-, and 6-station versions provide maximum flexibility
• Sensor decoders allow flow and Clik sensor monitoring via the two-wire paths
• Field-programmable decoders accept station numbers directly, and
do not require entering serial numbers into the control panel
- Decoders can be programmed before installation at the controller
- Wireless programming with ICD-HP allows for decoder programming or reprogramming after installation to the two-wire path
Integrated surge protection eliminates the need for extra surge
protection devices
Color-coded wiring connections simplify installation
• Industrial-grade DBRY-6 waterproof connectors included for two-wire path splices

Operating Specifications

• Maximum recommended distance, decoder to solenoid: 45 meters
• Maximum distance to decoder via two-wire path:
- 14 AWG wire path: 3000 meters
- 12 AWG wire path: 4570 meters
• Approvals: UL, cUL, FCC, CE, RCM
• Decoder rating: IP68 (submersible)
• Warranty period: 5 years

User-installed Options

• Wireless handheld ICD-HP Programmer
• DECSTAKE10 Universal Decoder Stake Kit, 10-pack

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    Hunter ACC2 – 75 Zone – Decoder Controller

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  • A2CP

    Hunter ACC2 Advanced Commercial Controller

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