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Netafim Bioline AS XR Anti-Siphon and Root Intrusion Resistant 16mm Dripline


Bioline is an advanced tubing designed for wastewater applications, featuring drip dispersal technology. While Netafim offers a wide range of dripline products, including non-pressure compensating ones, the exceptional characteristics and demonstrated effectiveness of Bioline eliminate the need for using non-pressure compensating driplines. Why use only PC Dripline? The fast answer about only using pressure compensating dripline is:

  • Predictable
  • Forgiving
  • Easy to design with
  • Provides a continuous self-flushing feature
  • Provides very consistent flow over time
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1.60 L/H – 0.3m Dripper Spacing – 100m Coil 13965-002290 $265.65
 incl GST
1.60 L/H – 0.5m Dripper Spacing – 100m Coil 13965-002500 $196.65
 incl GST
2.30 L/H – 0.6m Dripper Spacing – 100m Coil 13965-003500 $182.85
 incl GST
3.50 L/H – 0.3m Dripper Spacing – 100m Coil 13965-004490 $265.65
 incl GST
3.50 L/H – 1.0m Dripper Spacing – 100m Coil 13965-005000 $152.95
 incl GST
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Bioline tubing features a physical root barrier that shields drippers from root invasion, without relying on chemical protection. Drip emitters discharge water at one location while the tubing expels it at another. With three different dripper flow rates, Bioline offers a wide range of options for matching soil and slope conditions. The tubing is fully coated in purple, making it easy to identify as non-potable regardless of how it is installed. Moreover, Bioline's drippers are impregnated with antibacterial agents, effectively preventing the buildup of microbial slime. Best of all, Bioline tubing does not require any special storage conditions and can be safely stored outdoors without degradation.



  • Typically installed following a treatment process
  • Can be used with domestic septic tank effluent with proper design, filtration, and operation
  • Reuse applications including municipally treated effluent designated for irrigation and other disinfected and non-disinfected water sources
  • Can be used subsurface – Bioline can be installed on-surface, undercover or subsurface.
  • Allows for development and building in locations previously unsuitable
  • Ideal for difficult site conditions such as clay, shallow soils, steep slopes, or high water tables
  • Ideal for small lots
  • Ideal for sites near bodies of water and other environmentally challenging areas
  • Can be an important part of any ‘green’ construction project


  • Dripper flow rates: 1.5, 2.3 or 3.5 L/h
  • Dripper spacings: 30 cm, 45 cm or 60 cm dripper spacings and blank tubing
  • Pressure compensation range: 0.5 to 4 bar
  • Maximum recommended system pressure: 4 bar
  • Tubing diameter: 16.76 mm OD, 14.22 mm ID
  • Tubing color: Purple color indicates non-potable
  • Coil lengths: 152 m or 305 m (Blank tubing in 76 m)
  • Recommended filtration: 120/130 mesh
  • Bending radius: 17.78 cm
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