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Netafim Line Flush Valve


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16mm Dripline Line Flush Valve – 15mm BSP Male Thread 32000-007850 $14.24
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For proper flushing of laterals and
improved irrigation system efficiency

The Line Flush Valve is a durable and reliable irrigation system component designed to improve system efficiency by ensuring proper flushing of laterals. Unlike traditional flush valves, this valve has no moving parts or springs, making it resistant to chemicals and fertilizers. It also has a low sensitivity to water quality and is UV resistant. With a simple structure and easy assembly, this valve offers reliable operation and long-lasting performance. Upgrade your irrigation system with the Line Flush Valve for improved performance and reduced maintenance needs.


  • No moving parts, no spring
  • Withstands chemicals and fertilizers
  • Low sensitivity to water quality
  • UV resistance
  • Simple structure, easy to assemble and reliable operation
  • 16mm Dripperline Connection
Flushing valve parts
Flushing valve specifications
Flushing valve exploded view
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