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Amiad 80mm T BSP Filter Threaded


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Amiad 80mm T Filter BSP c/w 100um Disc Element PF80T-100D $1,079.16
 incl GST
Amiad 80mm T Filter BSP c/w 130um Disc Element PF80T-130D $1,079.16
 incl GST
Amiad 80mm T Filter BSP c/w 200um Disc Element PF80T-200D $1,079.16
 incl GST
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  • Amiad disc elements are designed for effective removal of organic substances. The elements are constructed using engineered plastic discs that are stacked onto a telescopic core. The disc are grooved on both sides and intersect to form the filtration element when compromised.
  • The effective filtration area is comprised of both the outside surface and the channels formed by the intersecting grooves. Suspended organic particles adhere to the grooved surface adding depth to the filtration process.
  • Cleaning the disc element is made simple by the unique design of the telescopic core which allows the discs to separate during the cleaning process while maintaining perfect sealing when the element is in the filter housing.
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    Disc elements for Amiad 50mm T Super and 80mm T Filters

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    Screens for Amiad 50mm T Super and 80mm T filters

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  • Pressure Rating: 8 Bar, 120 PSI
  • Temperature Range: 60°C
  • Flow Rate: 50 m³/h
  • Connection Type: Male thread to male thread
  • Amiad tagline 80mm male threaded BSP T filter
  • 100/130/200 Micron disc element included – information on Disc elements below
  • Easy maintenance and minimal manual cleaning required
  • Algae growth prevention & corrosion resistance
  • High-quality mechanical strength and corrosion resistance
  • Low pressure loss
  • Interchangeable filter elements for a wide range of flow rates, filtration degrees and irrigation applications
  • Other filter elements available on request
Filter Size  Code (Link) Length Diameter Filter type Fits (Link)
20mm FS20130S 126mm 35mm Screen TL20 - PF20PF - PF20P - PF20A - TL25  - PF25PF
 25mm FS25130S 126mm 60mm Screen 25YS - 40YC - PF40YC-S
40mm FS40130S 255mm 60mm Screen PF40YS - TL40YS
50mm FS50130S 248mm 110mm Screen PF50TC - TL50TC - PF50T
80mm FS80130S 373mm 110mm Screen TL50TS - PF50TS - PF80TF TL80T
80mm FS80M130S 500mm 110mm Screen SF80F
100mm FS100130S 500mm 110mm Screen SF100S
50mm FS50500SP 250mm 110mm Stainless Steel Perforated screen  PF50TC - TL50TC - SF50T
80mm FS80500SP 370mm 110mm Stainless Steel Perforated screen TL50TS - PF50TS - PF80TF TL80T - PF80TT -
100mm FS100500SP 500mm 110mm Stainless Steel Perforated screen  SF100S

Size  Code (Link) Length Diameter Filter type Fits (Link)
25mm FS25D 130mm 60mm Disc  PF25YS - PF40YC-S - PF25YS-D
40mm FS40D 130mm 60mm Disc TL40YSPF40YS
50mm FS50D 260mm 113mm Disc PF50T - TL50TC
80mm FS80TDSD 260mm 130mm Disc 80TDS
80mm FS80TD 385mm 130mm Disc PF50 - TL80T - PF80T - PF80TLF