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50mm Amiad Tagline Disc Filter


50mm Amiad Tagline T Compact Filter with Disc Filter
Details Code Price Quantity  
130µ Micron Disc Filter TL50TC-130D $376.03
 incl GST
250µ Micron Disc Filter TL50TC-250D $322.00
 incl GST
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  • Available with 130µ, 180µ and 250µ Disc Filters
  • Easy maintenance: The filter elements can easily be extracted from the filter housing for rinsing.
  • High quality, low pressure loss, no tools required.
  • Wide range of flow rates, multiple filtration degrees, corrosion resistant, various applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 6.94 L/s
  • Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 50mm / 2"
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 8 bar / 120 psi
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 60°C
  • 20MFlushValve both

    20mm Plastic Filter Flush Valves

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  • Female Straight Coupling

    Hansen Female Straight Coupling

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  • Hex Socket

    Hansen Hex Socket

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  • Medium Density Female Threaded Coupling

    Hansen Medium Density Female Threaded Coupling

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Filter Size  Code (Link) Length Diameter Filter type Fits (Link)
20mm FS20130S 126mm 35mm Screen TL20 - PF20PF - PF20P - PF20A - TL25  - PF25PF
 25mm FS25130S 126mm 60mm Screen 25YS - 40YC - PF40YC-S
40mm FS40130S 255mm 60mm Screen PF40YS - TL40YS
50mm FS50130S 248mm 110mm Screen PF50TC - TL50TC - PF50T
80mm FS80130S 373mm 110mm Screen TL50TS - PF50TS - PF80TF TL80T
80mm FS80M130S 500mm 110mm Screen SF80F
100mm FS100130S 500mm 110mm Screen SF100S
50mm FS50500SP 250mm 110mm Stainless Steel Perforated screen  PF50TC - TL50TC - SF50T
80mm FS80500SP 370mm 110mm Stainless Steel Perforated screen TL50TS - PF50TS - PF80TF TL80T - PF80TT -
100mm FS100500SP 500mm 110mm Stainless Steel Perforated screen  SF100S

Size  Code (Link) Length Diameter Filter type Fits (Link)
25mm FS25D 130mm 60mm Disc  PF25YS - PF40YC-S - PF25YS-D
40mm FS40D 130mm 60mm Disc TL40YSPF40YS
50mm FS50D 260mm 113mm Disc PF50T - TL50TC
80mm FS80TDSD 260mm 130mm Disc 80TDS
80mm FS80TD 385mm 130mm Disc PF50 - TL80T - PF80T - PF80TLF