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How to Irrigate a Garden Bed

To irrigate a flower bed you need a sprinkler system designed correctly to ensure an even distribution of water, with a fine enough droplet size that won't damage the plants. This guide will go over both the products and installation method to irrigate your flower/garden bed, keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Have a look at the categories below at the recommended products for the different systems.


Micro Sprays

The advantage of going for a micro spray is the fine droplets that are applied. Fine droplet size will not do any damage to the flowers or plants in the bed. When going for a bigger sprinkler (Impact Type Sprinkler) you risk damage to flowers and foliage. Micro-sprays can be attached to adjustable stakes, that can be adjusted so the spray is above the plants to ensure an even distribution of water.

The Vari-Jets are screwed into a Rigid Riser, the Rigid Riser snaps into an Asta Stake, and poly tube connects this set up to the lateral line. This gives you great flexibility both in height and positioning of micro-sprinkler.

The disadvantage of going for the micro-spray is the smaller radius of throw. You'd need more sprinklers to cover a larger flower bed. A Pop-Up Spray may be more beneficial in this situation. The other disadvantage is the stakes and tubing needed for the micro-spray will be above ground, and if you are an active gardener you will need to be aware not to puncture the lines.


Bad Set-up

  • If bumped when gardening it can enlarge the connection into the pipe
  • If connection wears, leaks will occur at the join.
  • Will have to remove the spray, plug the leak and find a new position for the spray.
  • Nozzle will quickly get overgrown, becoming ineffective
  • Hard to keep the spray vertical due to lateral line twisting
  • Spray directly into the nearby plants causing puddling.

Poor Set-up

  • If bumped when gardening it can enlarge the connection into the pipe
  • If connection wears, leaks will occur at the join.
  • Will have to remove the stake, plug the leak and find a new position for the spray.
  • Static height and position.
  • The nozzle may get overgrown, becoming ineffective
  • If plants get too high you will have to fit an extension to keep the nozzle above the plants
  • No way of keeping the sprayer vertical due to lateral line twisting

Best Set-up

  • If bumped when gardening it won't affect the pipe connection due to the flexible tube.
  • Adjustable heights with the Asta Stake and Rigid Riser.
  • Adjustable height of sprayer means you can always keep it just above the plants, to ensure even coverage and not being an eyesore.
  • The position of the micro-spray can be adjusted depending on plant growth, due to the flexible tube connection

Each micro-spray has a different size throw distance, so make sure you read each product for their specifications. The Vari-Jet Micro-Spray that we are using has a spray range of 1.5m Radius.


Pop-Up Sprays

Hunter sprays are another good alternative for the flower bed irrigation due to the fine droplets that are applied by the nozzle. Similarly, with the micro-sprays, the droplets are smaller and won't damage the petals of the flowers.

Depending on the location of the pop-ups and plant type, you may require the 300mm pop-up bodies to allow the spray nozzle to get above the plants. The big advantage of the pop-ups with spray nozzles are being able to bury the system and have a discrete irrigation system. If the plants are too high you may need to use a poly riser post instead of a pop-up body. The poly risers will be like the micro-sprays system and be an above-ground application.

The sprays have a variety of throw distances, so make sure you select the nozzle that fits for your garden. The range goes from 1.2m to 5.2m radius.

If you need to get higher than 300mm, then you may need to move from the pop-up body to a poly riser stake with a shrub adapter. The advantage is you can go much higher, the disadvantage is it is visible.

If the beds are narrow enough, you can place the pop-ups in the lawn area spraying onto the beds. Thus allowing no pipework/sprinklers within the flower beds. The result of this is no damage will occur to the piping from digging or preparation.