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Home Watering Shrubbler Starter Kit


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Home Watering Shrubbler Starter Kit SHRUB-KIT-1 $45.99
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Items in this kit:

  • 25m x 13mm Lateral Tube - 3 Bar
  • 10m x 4mm poly dripper tube
  • 10 x Adjustable Pot Shurbblers
  • 10 x 4mm Barb Joiners
  • 1 x Snap-on Hose Joiner
  • 1 x Snap-on Hose Connector
  • 2 x 13mm Lateral End Plugs
  • 2 x 13mm Lateral Elbows
  • 2 x 13mm Lateral Tees
  • 14 x 13mm Ratchet Clips
  • 1 x Hole Punch


The Shrubbler watering starter kit for a home irrigation system. Ideal for Potted Plants, Veggie Gardens, or FLower Beds with an adjustable top to set water flow. The Aquadrip Shrubblers offer an easily connect barb joiner that can be connected straight into the 13mm line with the hole punch tool.

  • Adjustable Shrubbler 4mm barb with 150mm Spike
  • 70L/H @ 1Bar (adjustable)

Connect the 13mm Lateral pipe 3 bar, straight onto either your garden tap or garden hose with the Snap-on joiners. Offering you a quick and effective watering kit to get your veggie garden up and running.

Use the 13mm Lateral fittings and ratchet clips to adjust your irrigation to suit. Either going around corners or up the side of your veggie garden box

13mm Lateral Pipe Wetta
4mm Economical Hole Punch
Antelco Lateral Tee
Ratchet Clips
Antelco Lateral Elbow
Antelco End Plug
Quick Connect Joiners
  • aoh0170h with out barb

    AquaDrip Adjustable Shrubbler | 4mm barb | 150mm Spike

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  • Antelco Micro Shrubbler

    Antelco Micro Shrubbler

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  • 4mm Economical Hole Punch

    4mm Economical Hole Punch

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  • End Plug

    Antelco Lateral End Plug

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  • Antelco Lateral Elbow

    Antelco Lateral Elbow

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  • Antelco Lateral Tee

    Antelco Lateral Tees

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  • Ratchet Clips

    Antelco Plastic Ratchet Clips

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  • 13mm Lateral Pipe Wetta

    Eco Tube 13mm Lateral Pipe – 3 Bar

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  • PVC Tubing tube poly

    Micro Tubing – 3mm & 4mm Poly Riser Tube

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  • Snap on Connector Barb 13mm

    Snap on Hose Connectors – 13mm and 19mm barbs

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  • Quick Connect Joiners

    Snap on Quick Connect Joiners to 13mm and 19mm barbs

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