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Stainless Steel 304 Grade Munson Ring – Tube


Details Code Price Quantity  
15mm MUNRING-TUBE-15 $14.58
 ex GST
20mm MUNRING-TUBE-20 $14.30
 ex GST
25mm MUNRING-TUBE-25 $15.20
 ex GST
32mm MUNRING-TUBE-32 $15.85
 ex GST
40mm MUNRING-TUBE-40 $16.65
 ex GST
50mm MUNRING-TUBE-50 $18.46
 ex GST
65mm MUNRING-TUBE-65 $25.95
 ex GST
80mm MUNRING-TUBE-80 $27.15
 ex GST
100mm MUNRING-TUBE-100 $77.20
 ex GST
150mm MUNRING-TUBE-150 $80.95
 ex GST
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Munson Rings are an easy to install, light pipe or tube bracket with an M6, M8, M10 or M12 threaded boss on one side (Anzor have M10 Bossed ex stock other boss sizes available on request). Used in conjunction with a threaded rod and a mounting plate to stand the pipe or tube off a wall or ceiling.


  • Made in NZ
  • Short delivery time
  • Polished as standard across the range
  • 304L grades in all sizes
  • Material certificates available on request
  • High-quality finish and design
Test: Pipe hangers of the below sizes have been load tested to failure with the correct pipe installed.


Size Fits O/D Boss
15mm NB TUBE 12.7mm O/D M10
20mm NB TUBE 20mm O/D M10
25mm NB TUBE 25.4mm O/D M10
32mm NB TUBE 32mm O/D M10
40mm NB TUBE 38mm O/D M10


Size Fits O/D Boss
50mm NB TUBE 51mm O/D M10
65mm NB TUBE 63mm O/D M10
80mm NB TUBE 76mm O/D M10
100mm NB TUBE 101mm O/D M10
150mm NB TUBE 152mm O/D M12