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Nickel Plated Brass Press-fit Straight Coupling


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6mm Metal Straight Coupling MSC06 $11.82
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8mm Metal Straight Coupling MSC08 $13.19
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Nickel Plated Brass Press-fit Tube Fittings

Straight Coupling

Sizes available:

  • 6mm
  • 8mm


The "Sistem Pneumatica" push-in fittings were originally designed for use in industrial equipment that operate with low-pressure compressed air as the primary fluid for movement. Although the construction of these fittings provides even higher performance than reported, it is the user's responsibility to consider any use outside the field or performance requirements specified on the technical sheets.

The push-in fittings use a gasket located outside the tube to seal it, ensuring that the tube can fully pass through the fitting. The internal structure of the fittings and the sealing system implemented allow for use in plants with applications of industrial vacuum (-75kPa).



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nickle plated brass press fit
nickle plated brass press