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Netafim Spinnet Shoulder Distributor (SD) Mist Control


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50L/ph Orange 63000-014250 $0.40
 incl GST
70L/ph Red 63000-014300 $0.40
 incl GST
90L/ph Brown 63000-014350 $0.40
 incl GST
120L/ph Yellow 63000-014400 $0.40
 incl GST
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  • The shoulder distributor (SD) is a specifically designed connector that achieves excellent results when
    rectangular irrigation is needed.
  • SpinNet™ SD solution avoids the problems of the traditional sprinkler layout and achieves a high level of uniformity
    within a closely spaced "strip of sprinklers".

This is fitted between the AD (Anti Drain) valve and the sprinkler head.


  • dropper stabiliser

    Dropper assembly with Stabiliser and Barb connection

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  • anti drain valve

    Netafim Anti Drain Valve

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  • spinnet

    Netafim SpinNet Sprinkler

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