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K-Line 5 Pod Pack


Kit includes:

  • 5 x K-LINE® Pods
  • 32mm K.PIPE® x 115m or 40mm K.PIPE® x 104m
  • 5 x Naan 5022 sprinklers with red nozzles
  • 5 each x spare orange and black nozzles
  • Fittings for installation
Details Code Price Quantity  
40mm K-Line Pod Pack KLSS40FARMPACK $1,321.00
 ex GST
32mm K-Line Farm Pack KLSS32FARMPACK $1,124.76
 ex GST
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  • Strong impact and abrasion resistant UV protected polyethylene.
  • Heavy duty and weighted skid plate, and lower center of gravity, helps keep the pod from tipping during shifting.
  • Embedded stainless steel u-bolt provides a strong and corrosion resistant sprinkler/pod/tubing connection


  • Specially formulated and blended low density polyethylene tubing is extremely strong while remaining flexible. The white stripes on the K.PIPE® help the installer to recognise and prevent the tubing from twisting during installation. K.PIPE® is available in 4 sizes: 32mm, 40mm, 45mm and 63mm.
  • K.PIPE® tubing resists the effects of abrasive soils, kinking, UV light and the stresses exerted on the tubing while moving it from Set to Set, while still remaining flexible over time.


  • Unique saddle design quickly bolts onto the embedded stainless steel u-bolt and is secured with two brass nuts.


  • Heavy duty, high grade glass reinforced nylon fittings are extremely durable and impact resistant.
  • The double barbed insert is designed with extra length for maximum grip on the inner wall of the tubing while the threaded compression nut bites into the outer wall of the tubing creating an exceptional connection that is as tough and durable as every other component in the K-LINE® system.