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Hansen Ball Valves – Male x Female


Hansen Full Flow Male-Female Ball Valves can be used anywhere the flow of fluid needs to be stopped or started

Details Code Price Quantity  
25mm Male – Female Ball Valve HBV25MF $45.02
 incl GST
32mm Male – Female Ball Valve HBV32MF $59.20
 incl GST
40mm Male – Female Ball Valve HBV40MF $71.13
 incl GST
50mm Male – Female Ball Valve HBV50MF $88.64
 incl GST
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  • Versatile Full Flow Ball Valve, Lightweight and Strong
  • Frost Friendly
  • Won't rust or corrode in general or salt water applications
  • Individually Hand Tested using both Air and Water before it leaves the Hansen Factory
  • Manufactured from non Corrosive, UV Stabilised Materials
  • Potable Water Approved (AS/NZS 4020 drinking water test standard)
  • New Zealand Made


Hansen's full flow male-female ball valves have been designed for use for use in above or below ground in fluid distribution lines. The Valves are strong, lightweight, compact and provide smooth unrestricted leak free on / off control. The Hansen Full Flow Ball Valve range will function across a wide range of operating pressures and temperatures and can be used anywhere the flow of liquid needs to be stopped or started.

High pressure rated to 16 Bar. Removable handles to help differentiate between a range of different applications. Non corrosive, potable water approved and built to last!

Hansen have tested all its products for use with cold water up to a maximum temperature of 60°C (140°F). We do not recommend the use of these products with temperatures higher than 60°C (140°F) as plastic expands due to temperature increases. Hansen cannot guarantee the products will perform when used with temperatures over 60°C (140°F). Hansen products that have failed in temperatures higher than 60°C (140°F) will not be covered by warranty.

Hansen Ball Valves are Frost Friendly and have been tested in frost conditions. Results may vary in freezing conditions. Parts and materials: Body & End Caps - Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon Handle - Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon Ball - Polypropylene Ball Seats & Stem - Acetal (POM) O-Rings - Nitrile Rubber

Hansen Ball Valve Flow Chart
Hansen Ball Valve Dimensions
  • Male Threaded Director

    Antelco Male Threaded Director

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  • Nut and Tail

    Antelco Nut and Tail

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  • Female Straight Coupling

    Hansen Female Straight Coupling

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  • Hansen Hex Nipple

    Hansen Hex Nipple

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  • Hex Socket

    Hansen Hex Socket

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  • Male Hose Tail

    Hansen Male Hose Tail

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  • Male Straight Coupling

    Hansen Male Straight Coupling

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  • Medium Density Female Threaded Coupling

    Hansen Medium Density Female Threaded Coupling

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  • Medium Density Male Threaded Coupling

    Hansen Medium Density Male Threaded Coupling

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  • PVC Faucet Coupling

    PVC Faucet Coupling

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  • PVC Valve Socket

    PVC Valve Socket

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  • Hansen blue handle

    Hansen Blue Handles (for general application)

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  • hansen green handle

    Hansen Green Handles (For increased visibility and to differentiate)

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  • Hansen purple handle

    Lilac Handles (For Grey Water Applications)

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Ball Valve Installation

Hansen Ball Valve Handle

(a) Use a teflon tape sealant or (b) a thread paste sealant. The right sealant for threaded joints is non-hardening, compatible with plastic and doesn’t add slipperiness to encourage over-torquing.

Hansen Ball Valve Handle

Screw pipe or fitting into Ball Valve, hand tight.

Hansen Ball Valve Handle

Tighten pipe or fitting another one to two turns until seal achieved. Do not over tighten.

Remove Ball Valve Handle

Hansen Ball Valve Handle

Turn handle clockwise slightly.

Hansen Ball Valve Handle

Put fingers under handle and pull whilst pushing with thumbs on body of valve.

Handle Removed - Open or Closed?

Hansen Ball Valve Handle

Valve is identified as OPEN when centre notch is not parallel with the valve body.

Hansen Ball Valve Handle

Valve is identified as CLOSED when centre notch is parallel with the valve body.