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Antelco Lateral Valves (Green Back)


Antelco Lateral Valves – On-off device to control the water flow in low pressure irrigation systems.

Details Code Price Quantity  
Lateral Valve 4mm Barb LV4B $0.95
Lateral Valve 13mm Barb LV13 $2.09
Lateral Valve 16mm Barb LV16 $2.46
Lateral Valve 19mm Barb LV19 $3.98
Lateral Valve 25mm Barb LV25 $5.60
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  • Simple on-off operation and straight through flow.
  • Operating pressure range up to 300 kPa.
  • Excellent tube retention due to sharp acetal barb.
  • Straight through, unrestricted flow exceeds ISO 9911.
  • New flow through design to reduce the risk of damage in frost conditions
  • Green Back cap for standard irrigation applications.
  • UV stabilised materials for long life.


  • Irrigation from rain tanks or non-pressurised containers. Always install as an in-line valve with tubes connected to both inlet and outlet.

Lateral Fittings

Used for:

  • Lateral Pipe
    • SKU: 350-(ID Pipe Size)-(Coil Size)
    • e.g 350-25-100 (25mm = ID Size, 100 = Coil Length)


  • Lateral pipe is referred to by its inside diameter (ID)
  • Lateral fittings are inserted inside the lateral pipe
  • Ratchet Clips are required for lateral fittings
  • Lateral fittings have a single barb
  • To assist in installation, use boiling/hot water to soften the pipe