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Brass Barrel Unions – Female x Male


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20mm Brass Barrel Union F / M 229-IP151-034 $20.09
 incl GST
8mm Brass Barrel Union F / M 229-IP151-014 $15.78
 incl GST
25mm Brass Barrel Union F / M 229-IP151-100 $35.01
 incl GST
32mm Brass Barrel Union F / M 229-IP151-114 $48.61
 incl GST
40mm Brass Barrel Union F / M 229-IP151-112 $52.90
 incl GST
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Size Type of Seal
20mm Conical Seat & O Ring
25mm Conical Seat & O Ring
32mm Conical Seat & O Ring
40mm Conical Seat
50mm Conical Seat
  • Brass Nipple

    Brass Hex Nipple

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  • Female Straight Coupling

    Hansen Female Straight Coupling

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  • Hansen Hex Nipple

    Hansen Hex Nipple

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  • Male Straight Coupling

    Hansen Male Straight Coupling

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