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Stainless Steel Handle for Brass Ball Valve


Replacement handle for your brass ball valve.

Please Note: the valve handles are made to fit our Brass ball valves (BBV), they do not fit other manufacturers.

Details Code Price Quantity  
20mm BBVSSH20 $4.03
 incl GST
25mm BBVSSH25 $6.56
 incl GST
32mm BBVSSH32 $7.82
 incl GST
40mm BBVSSH40 $7.82
 incl GST
50mm BBVSSH50 $12.08
 incl GST
80mm BBVSSH80 $17.25
 incl GST
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Replacement handle for your brass ball valve. Made from stainless steel, built for long-lasting efficiency.

Handle Only


BBVSSH20 = 5 x 8mm slot (fits 20mm valve)

BBVSSH25 = 6 x 9.5mm slot (fits 25mm vavle)

BBVSSH32 = 8 x 12mm slot (fits 32mm valve)

BBVSSH40 = 8.5 x 12.5mm slot (fits 40mm valve)  

BBVSSH50 = 9 x 14mm slot (fits 50mm valve) 

BBVSSH80 = 12.5 x 18mm slot (fits 80mm valve)

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    Brass Body Nickel Plated Ball Valves, Female BSP, Teflon Seals, with Stainless Steel Handles

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