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Antelco Dripline Take Off Joiners


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Dripline Take Off 10mm x 16mm DLTO1016 $0.93
 incl GST
Take Off 13mm Lateral x 16mm Dripline Xpando DLTO1316X $1.10
 incl GST
Take Off 13mm Lateral x 17mm Dripline Xpando DLTO1317X $1.55
 incl GST
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  • Xpando fittings should ALWAYS be used with a Rubber Grommet
  • Sizes 13mm and up should be used on pipes 32mm and up


  • Reduce time and installation costs.
  • 8 mm x 13 mm Elbow suitable for installation from 19 mm LDPE tube.
  • 10 mm inlet fittings suitable for installation from 25 mm LDPE tube.
  • Take-Off Elbows are ideal for installing drip lines at any angle to the supply line ensuring parallel lateral lines in sub surface or above ground drip systems.


Antelco Take-Off fittings provide an easy to install method of connecting low pressure irrigation tubing and drip lines to LDPE supply lines.


Sub surface and above ground drip irrigation systems and landscape watering applications.

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