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Driplock Take Offs With Grommet


Details Code Price Quantity  
Takeoff 25mm Lateral GTO2525 $3.97
 incl GST
Takeoff 19mm Lateral GTO1919 $2.51
 incl GST
Takeoff 13mm Lateral GTO1313 $1.92
 incl GST
Takeoff 16mm Lateral GTO1916 $3.12
 incl GST
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  • Fast and easy to install.
  • No Ratchet Clamps are required, so more economic than conventional barbed fittings.
  • The smooth barbed face and backing ring reduces the stress in the tubing and reduces both leakage and blow-off at higher pressures.
  • Material: Fittings: polypropylene Curved Grommet: natural black rubber Top Hat Grommet: EPDM black.
  • Pressure rating: 450 kPa
  •  Manifold pipe wall thickness that suits the curved grommet: 2.2 to 4 mm


The Drip-Loc® range of fittings have
been specifically designed to suit a range
of low density polyethylene tube sizes.
The fittings come complete with locking
rings to ensure positive polyethylene connections. Driplock Takeoff User Guide

Note: Use only slow speed hand drills. Do NOT use high speed drills. Drip-Loc® fittings can handle a range of
polyethylene tubing internal diameters.