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Aluminium Type E Camlock

Aluminium Type E Camlock Fittings Hose Tail x Male Adaptor


Type E adapters are normally used with Type C couplers, but can be used with Type B and D couplers or DC (Dust Cap) of identical size.

Details Code Price Quantity  
13mm Type E ALCL13E $1.23
19mm Type E ALCL19E $1.95
25mm Type E ALCL25E $2.58
32mm Type E ALCL32E $3.61
38mm Type E ALCL38E $4.52
51mm Type E ALCL51E $6.15
64mm Type E ALCL64E $10.79
76mm Type E ALCL76E $12.20
102mm Type E ALCL102E $17.69
152mm Type E ALCL152E $53.65
51E x 63mm Pipe Type E CLAG51E63 $18.00
51E x 75mm Pipe Type E CLAG51E75 $64.48
64E x 63mm Pipe Type E CLAG64E63 $44.24
64E x 75mm Pipe Type E CLAG64E75 $34.80
76E x 63mm Pipe Type E CLAG76E63 $44.20
76E x 75mm Pipe Type E CLAG76E75 $29.34
76E x 90mm Pipe Type E CLAG76E90 $32.84
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