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Aluminium Type A Camlock Fittings BSPF x Male Adaptor

Aluminium Type A Camlock Fittings – Female BSPF x Male Adaptor


Type A adapters are normally used with Type D couplers, but can be used with Type B and C couplers as well as DC (Dust Cap) of identical size.

Details Code Price Quantity  
13mm Type A | 15mm BSP ALCL13A $1.38
19mm Type A | 20mm BSP ALCL19A $1.96
25mm Type A | 25mm BSP ALCL25A $2.39
32mm Type A | 32mm BSP ALCL32A $3.31
38mm Type A | 40mm BSP ALCL38A $3.96
51mm Type A | 50mm BSP ALCL51A $4.52
76mm Type A | 80mm BSP ALCL76A $7.58
102mm Type A | 100m BSP ALCL102A $12.12
152mm Type A | 150mm BSP ALCL152A $21.95
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