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304 Stainless Steel Actuated Ball Valve


The valve can be used in various industries, including HVAC, water treatment, and chemical processing. Simple in shape and small in size, it operates with metal gears for reliable performance. It delivers a strong torque of up to 15NM, making it a middle-ground option between miniature and industrial valves.

  • The valve is sealed using a floating structure, preventing leaks. It works well in dirty conditions and for long periods without use.
  • It has electrical and mechanical limits, ensuring precise positioning and consistent performance.
  • The actuator and valve are connected according to the IS05211 standard. The valve has an IP65 enclosure, suitable for somewhat humid environments.
  • It features a position indicator and a manual override function for emergencies like power outages or accidents.
  • Voltage options DC 9-24V and AC 85-265V
Details Code Price Quantity  
25mm/Stainless Steel SSBV25-TT $278.76
 incl GST
40mm/Stainless Steel SSBV40-TT $414.00
 incl GST
50mm/Stainless Steel SSBV50-TT $448.50
 incl GST
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The 304 Stainless Steel Actuated Ball Valve is a dynamic 2-way motorized solution, ideal for various industrial uses. This valve, featuring a robust stainless steel ball and stem, offers the choice between a brass or stainless steel body. This versatility makes it apt for handling a diverse array of fluids like water, oil, and gas.

Its motorized nature means it can be operated remotely, utilizing either a motor or actuator. This remote operation facilitates precise fluid flow control, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in various applications.

Application Scenarios:

  1. Liquid Handling: This 2-inch electric ball valve ensures a secure seal, making it reliable for liquid storage in pipelines without leakage concerns. Its specialized coating on the surface forms a barrier, preventing any liquid escape along the valve's body.
  2. Air and Gas Management: Known for its excellent sealing properties, this electric ball valve is safe for containing harmful gases in pipelines. Its secure closure system effectively traps gases, safeguarding the environment and people from potential exposure to hazardous air contaminants.
  3. Petroleum Products: The valve is also adept at managing petroleum products. Transporting substances like oil can be challenging due to their high viscosity and tendency to cling to pipeline interiors. However, the unique material composition of this electric ball valve ensures smooth oil flow, mitigating concerns about clogs or residue build-up.

Technical Specifications


Wiring Diagram

wiring diagram