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Weld-On Grey 711 PVC Solvent Cement – For all pipe classes up to 300mm


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Weld-On 711 PVC Solvent Cement Heavy Grey – 473ml 711-473 $51.04
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Weld-On 711 PVC Solvent Cement Heavy Grey – 946ml 711-946 $87.71
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The WELD-ON® 711™ is a heavy-bodied, industrial-grade PVC solvent cement that comes in a gray shade. It is designed to emit low levels of VOC and provide high strength to all classes and schedules of pipes and fittings, including Schedule 80, with an interference fit up to 12 inches (315 mm) in diameter. This solvent cement is known for its exceptional gap filling properties, and its medium set formulation provides an extended working time, making it ideal for use in warm weather.


WELD-ON 711 is a versatile PVC solvent cement that is suitable for use on all types of PVC plastic pipe applications, including Type I and Type II. It can be used in a wide range of systems, such as potable water pressure systems, irrigation, turf, conduit, sewer, drain, waste and vent systems, and is particularly well-suited for industrial piping systems.

The container label contains detailed instructions on how to make solvent cemented joints, and there is also an installation DVD/CD available that covers solvent cementing, as well as the handling, storage, and use of WELD-ON products. However, it is recommended that installers also review the instructions provided by the pipe and fitting manufacturer for optimal results.

It's important to note that WELD-ON solvent cements should never be used in a PVC system that uses or is being tested by compressed air or gases, including air-over-water boosters.


Color: Gray
Resin: PVC
Specific Gravity: 0.966 ± 0.04
Brookfield Viscosity: Minimum 1,600 cP @ 73° ± 2°F (23° ± 1°C)

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