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Hansen Wash Down Parts and Accessories


Details Code Price Quantity  
32mm Washdown Clamp HWDC32 $16.22
 incl GST
40mm Washdown Clamp HWDC40 $16.22
 incl GST
50x32mm Washdown Swivel Male BSP HWDSM5032 $27.00
 incl GST
50x40mm Washdown Swivel Male BSP HWDSM5040 $27.00
 incl GST
50x32mm Washdown Swivel Hose Tail HWDSHT5032 $27.00
 incl GST
50x40mm Washdown Swivel Hose Tail HWDSHT5040 $27.00
 incl GST
40x32mm Washdown Hose Tail HWDHT4032 $7.59
 incl GST
40x40mm Washdown Hose Tail HWDHT4040 $10.90
 incl GST
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This is a list of parts and accessories for the Hansen wash down nozzles.

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    Hansen Wash Down Nozzles

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